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11 04月2017

Enterprises’ “going global” lay foundation for new Sino-US relationship

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CHINESE ECONOMIC NEWS-- In the early spring, a high-level meeting between President Xi and his wife and his counterpart Donald Trump who were in office two months ago was held at Mar-a-Lago resort of Florida. This is the first time for the heads of China and America to launch their face-to-face communications.

International public opinion believes that the meeting between heads of China and the United States has made an important contribution to the history of bilateral relations. These two countries are actively seeking constructive cooperation. As a matter of fact, President Xi and President Donald Trump had expressed their intention to strengthen the relation between China and America via telephone prior President Xi and his wife visited United States. After Trump was elected as President of the United States in November last year, President Xi Jinping conveyed his congratulations by phone to trump and stated that development of long-term, sound and stable Sino-US relationship conforms to the fundamental interests of people of the two countries and is generally expected by the international community. 5 days later, President Xi communicated with President Trump on the phone and stressed those enormous cooperations should be or need to be launched by and between the largest developing country and the largest developed country, which are China and the United States that are also deemed as the world's top two economies. February 10th of this year, President Xi and President Trump initiated second communication to reiterate that the development between China and the United States can be mutually complemented, promoted and could definitely become good partners.

President Trump also responded that the United States and China, as cooperation partners, could exert concerted effort, so as to promote bilateral relations to a new high. He also invited President Xi for the meeting held at Mar-a-Lago resort of Florida.

It is noteworthy that the two heads met a couple of times within 24 hours at the Mar-a-Lago meeting and carried out in-depth and friendly exchanges. President Xi Jinping named the meeting a unique and ingenious arrangement with important significance to the development of Sino-US relationships. Xi raised the meeting to a high degree with historical responsibility and stated that China would unswervingly continue to consolidate such friendly relations, so as to benefit the two countries and their people, to benefit the world and people. President Trump spoke highly of the meeting and comment that he had a good talk with President Xi and thus established incredible friendship. He also called the meeting “has achieved important and fruitful results, and effectively promoted the development of US - China relationship”.

Going through twist and turn in the past decades, Sino-US relationship eventually blaze a new page. According to the high-end reception standard from President Trump and secretary of state Tillerson, it is clear that the positioning of "new relations of great powers" proposed in the Obama era is being gradually accepted by the new generation of politicians of United States. The prospect of bilateral economic and political development in the next few decades could be very promising.

Sino-US relationship is critical for the rise of China in the face of challenges, but more opportunities. The question concerning how to seize this opportunity to inject necessary vitality for China’s development requires not only Chinese high-level politicians with far-sighted view to get hold of direction appropriately, but also the majority of Chinese entrepreneurs with resolute determination and confidence to sustainably implement "going global" strategy and “Belt and Road” strategy, so as to better discover win-win situations regarding Sino-US economic and trade. Common development of Sino-US economic with the lack of full participation of enterprises will eventually fall due to the collapse of the foundation. In the face of the slightly decline of Sino-US general trade in 2016, entrepreneurs should fully understand the importance of reviving Sino-US economy and trade cooperation, recognize the status and significance that United States in the global economy, thus, to some extent, realize the global layout on the leverage of the US.

We are pleased to know that Jack Ma of Alibaba group is striving its business in US for more distributions; Dewang Cao of Fuyao group has also established its manufacturing factories in the United States; Porter group from Shenzhen city also endeavor to achieve their layout plan in America by its merge and acquisition business in America. What these enterprises do is in accordance with the laws of the economy; they are truly the ones contributing to the building of mutual benefit and win-win system regarding Sino-US economy and trade. The more such enterprises come into being, the more solid foundation Sino-US relation would be created. Nongovernmental exchanges based on the mutual benefit of economy would form firm backup for China and US to continually maintain close diplomatic tie and realize political mutual trust, so as to promote friendly exchanges among people.

In order to achieve new Sino-US relationship as soon as possible, China’s entrepreneurs should act up with boldness and resolution.