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06 04月2017

Jack Ma—an offbeat eWTP follower

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CHINESE ECONOMIC NEWS--- Jack Ma first mentioned eWTP (Electronic World Trade Platform) at Boao Forum for Asia on March 2016. In 6 months, the eWTP concept is incorporated into G20 communique and thus become one of results with extensive attention in Hangzhou summit. At the end of the year, Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce business comprehensive pilot area joins hands with Alibaba to establish the world's first eWTP test zone. On March 22, 2017, Malaysia Data Economic Corporation (MDEC) enters into a strategic cooperation with Alibaba Group to jointly create the first eWTP test zone outside China in Malaysia.

Jack Ma deserves to be a leading man in e-commerce industry. It is impossible to achieve incredible response toward all those new concepts without truly ability. e-hub and e-road, which means digital center and digital road, are the most important parts of eWTP. Digital center is the connection of digital roads, while all digital roads form a network that is deemed as technical system. Many small systems form together to make a big system. This is the concept of system theory.

We have no idea whether Jack Ma's eWTP concept is inspired by the “Belt and Road”. The Belt and Road (B & R) is the abbreviation of “Economic Zone Belt of Silk Road” and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road". The “Road” without “e” simply refers to "offline". Where there is connection node where there is road, the connections between every city make the road come into being, for which with respect to the Belt and Road, we call it “Road”; while “Belt” is a system including “Roads”. For this point of view, the expression for e-hub and e-road should be more rigorous compare with the Belt and Road in the theoretical sense.

EWTP is designed to provide convenience for small and medium-sized enterprises and young people to start their business in the world. In addition to the preferential conditions provided by China, it is more desperately needed to have "economic man" to take the initiative move to lead more followers. In the current global environment where innovative entrepreneurship flock together, some small and medium-sized enterprises in China also possess eWTP-similar concept. Porter group, a company located in Shenzhen and listed in the OTC of US, is such kind of small and medium-sized enterprise which is now growing.

Porter is a platform operator focused on O2O industry cluster and big data financing. It takes the Belt and Road economic zone as industrial background, the regional industry cluster development as fundamental, so as to independently research and develop and innovate the project of Porter City (O2O cluster of industry, trade and finance), which is economic park with 5 million square meters area and headquarter of  modern service industry. The economic park gathers core elements of the smart city such as "industry + business+ trade + information + service + finance", which can realize providing centralized service for small and medium-sized enterprises covering high-quality product, brand, business and trade, finance, intellectual property, government service and propaganda and promotion. The regional industry cluster park that Porter Group created distributes not only in different parts of the China, but also head for the world. Following the signing of the "European Port City" with Bulgaria, site selection in Italy, the United States, South Korea and other countries are also undergoing.

Online Porter, to some extent, is similar with e-hub and e-road of eWTP. Port City is equivalent to each separated e-hubs, while it is e-road to connect them together. The Malaysian "Digital Free Trade Zone" integrated by logistics, payment, clear customs and data, as well as Malaysia international super logistics hub whose supply chain equipment and commercial cross-border service for small and medium-sized enterprises covering logistics, warehousing, customs clearance, trade and finance jointly provided by the rookie network and lazada. They are greatly resembled with Poter City project. What Poter is doing, without prior planning, conveys spiritual implication with eWTP. To a certain degree, this could also be deemed as another follow-up.