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04 02月2017

Warmly Congratulations PORTER GROUP A Wonderful Beginning in 2017!

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As spring wind brings the beautiful scenery, PORTER GROUP will embrace the prosperous and fast-developing business opportunities!On Feb 3rd, 2017, the year of rooster which symbolizes the prosperity, PORTER ushers in its first working day after the Chinese New Year. All the PORTER people start the new journey and goal for the New Year with cheers and laughter and New Year lucky money as a Chinese tradition.

In 2017, PORTER, as achiving excellent economic outcome the key task, will realize the comprehensive development. Under the condition that PORTER has landed in American Stock markets, PORTER will connect the international capital market and fully develop international financial capital business and project.

PORTER, as the advocate and practitioner of the New Economy, will go all out and develop new economy, create brilliance in 2017 together with global business partners!