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23 12月2016


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The host organizations participating in the press conference are taking photos together with United Nations officers

On March 27th to 29th, 2017, Globalization Dialogues: New Economy Forum at the United Nations launched by the multinational permanent delegates to the United Nations, World Development Fund, China international association of New Economy, China Entrepreneurs Development Association and PORTER GROUP, will be held in the United Nations headquarters in New York and become the United Nations headquarters normal conference.

Mr BRUCE, Chairman of United Nations NGO organization participating the press conference and making a speech

It is known that about 500 participants and guests will attend the summit including government heads, permanent representatives or ambassadors to the United Nations, leaders of business circles, the director of chamber of commerce and organizations from many nations of the world. There are about 100 ambassador and diplomats to the United Nations, about 70 senior officials of regional alliance and international organizations in the United Nations, about 50 senior officials of related United Nations agencies, about 100 international famous entrepreneurs, philanthropist, scientists, and economists, about 80 famous news media reporters, about 100 fast-growing entrepreneurs, chairman and sectary of the chamber of commerce, discussing together about the global new economy development, to build a sustainable and high-level dialogue platform for international alliance, institutions, organizations and enterprises in the United Nations.

Mr Guo Xiangang, Chairman of the world Development Fund, introducing the summit at the press conference

It is learned that the summit is based on the United Nations global sustainable development goals, international cooperation of new economy and “Belt and Road” to jointly discuss the development plans. As we all know that, the world comes into an information-industry-dominated new economy development era, new economy leads the world economic development and reconstructs new pattern of globalization.  To build up new drivers and the development of new economy, the world's main countries successively present the innovative development planning, American launches American innovative strategy and fully implement the advanced manufacturing industry of national strategic plan; German launches a new high technology strategy-innovative Germany and fully implements the industry 4.0; France launches the new industry France 34 items of plan; China advocates the strategy of Belt and Road, Internet + plan, New economyand so on. On the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2016, a resolution was officially passed and agreed to include Belt and Road and New Economy into the United Nations development scheme by 193 Member States. It shows that new economy becomes a new engine of economic development, strongly promoting global economic recovery and leads the development of globalization, continuously expanding and developing new cooperation room, redefining the new globalization.

In order to achieve sustainable development of international governments and enterprises in terms of economy, culture and environment area, promote the interactive communication and cooperation; apply the concept of the United Nations peace and development, jointly initiated by the world development fund, Haiti, Sierra leone, Canada, Ukraine, the United States, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Nigeria, Columbia, Pakistan, the United Arab emirates and other countries’ permanent representatives to the United Nations, the United Nations NGO executive committee, China international association of new economy, China development of entrepreneurs association and PORTER GROUP, The GLOBAL New Economy Forum will be held at the United Nations in 2017. World development Fund, the United Nations global television, China international association of new economy, China development of entrepreneurs association and PORTER GROUP will be the sponsors for the forum.
The forum upholds the spirit of innovation, cooperation, win-win to build a sustainable and high-level dialogue platform for global alliance, institutions, organizations in the United Nations, provide an international cooperation community for the chamber of commerce of each countries and a friendly bridge for all outstanding entrepreneurs of each countries, comprehensively promoting and achieving sustainable development goal of new economy around every corner of the world. 

Chen Zongjian, President of PORTER GROUP, delivering a speech in the press conference

The organizing committee held a special press conference on December 22, 2016 in United Nations Headquarters. Influential news media attended the press conference. There are United Nations televisions, United Nations NGO magazine, World Daily, Sing Tao Daily, The China Press, Jiu An TV… Guests who attended the press conference are senior officers of the United Nations Secretary General, Senior officers from United Nations public information Department, Senior officers of UNDP, Senior officers of United Nations civilization Alliance, Senior officers of United Nations women's agency, Chairman of the United Nations Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, the 66th session Chairman of the United Nations NGO Conference and other senior officers from United Nations departments. There are aslo permanent Ambassador representatives of Antigua and Barbuda to the United Nations, Permanent Ambassador of Sierra Leone to the United Nations, senior consultants of Sao Tome and Principe's delegation to the United Nations and other nations’ Ambassadors to the United Nations.New York's top legal officer, Senior officiers of New York governor's Office. Miss Ecuador, Mr. Chen Zongjian(the President of Porter Group), Mr. Liu Yang(Secretary general of China International New Economy United Nations Association), representatives from China Entrepreneur Development Association, Mr. Cong MaoziPresident of the new economic health alliance),famous American producers, Chairman of the World Development Fund. 

Press Conference