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30 12月2016

PORTER GROUP LIMITED Successfully listed in the United States

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PORTER GROUP LIMITEDHereinafter referred to as " PORTER "starts the American OTC securities exchange stock market trading through merge and acquisition and releases the merge and acquisition announcement on Dec 19, 2016, American local time. The stock exchange code is ULNV. It marks the milestone that PORTER has landed in the American capital market successfully and will further connect the international capital channel. 

PORTER is an O2O industrial and trading cluster and big data financial platform operator, under new economy globalization and big financial era, with industrial cluster as its foundation, commercial services as its tool, financial services as the core. PORTER, innovatively combines commercial real estate into E-commerce area convergence, O2O industrial cluster and big data financing innovative platform mode, which is internet+ real economy and financing. With operate for free mode, integrated service and finance incubation as its core guidance, three-dimensional integration of “Industrial real estate + commercial and trade chain + E-commerce + financial capital”. It has realized the property publicity, credit and securitization through cross-industry convergence, with global enterprises, market, trade, economy and development interconnection. It provides a chain O2O global public platform and an everlasting business expo city. Finally the maximum value of social wealth is created through big data financing.

So far, it is known that the security traders are pushing the relevant listing procedures in order. Meanwhile the listed company has also applied for stock market trade in early January 2017, which marks that at the beginning of the New Year 2017, Porter Group will open a new page in the international capital market.